Julia Kent

Film / Theatre / Dance


A Mots Couverts (2014)
Directors: Violaine Baraduc and Alexandre Westphal
Grand Prix du Documentaire Historique, Les Rendez-vous de l’Histoire, 2015

Oasis (2014)
Directors: Carmen Jimenez and Chris Boyce
Best Short Film at Seville European Film Festival

A Short History of Decay (2014)
Director: Michael Maren
Executive Producer: Milos Forman

Birthplace (2013)
Director: Francesco Paciocco
Producer: Francesco Marchegiano

Keepers of the Beat (2013)
Director: Donald O’Brien
Executive Producer: Jerry Freilich, National Parks Service

The Boxing Girls of Kabul (2012)
Director: Ariel Nasr
Producer: Annette Clarke
National Film Board of Canada



Trinidad (2008)
Director: PJ Raval

This Must Be the Place (2011)
Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Portrait of a Garden (2015)
Director: Rosie Stapel

The Witness (2016)
Director: James D. Solomon


5 for Silver
Choreographer: Douglas Lee
Premiere: September 2011, Norwegian National Ballet

Choreography: Jennifer Muller
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: June 2013, New York Live Arts

How Long Is Now
Choreography and conception: Michela Lucenti and Maurizio Camilli
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: July 2013, Bolzano Dance Festival

Choreography: Dominique Dumais
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: April 2016, Kevin O’Day Ballett Nationaltheater Mannheim


Mamma Schiavona
Director: Giordano V. Amato
Featuring: Eliana Amato Cantone and Ernesto Tomasini
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: ISAO festival, Torino, September 2014

The Shape She Makes
Created by: Susan Misner and Jonathan Bernstein
Music: Julia Kent and Son Lux
Premiere: A.R.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 2014

Finché Morte Non Ci Separi
Author: Francesco Olivieri
Featuring: Monica Scattini
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: Teatro Valle, Rome, November 2013

Il Tempo Scolpito
Director: Giordano V. Amato
Featuring: Eliana Amato Cantone
Music: Paul Beauchamp/Julia Kent
Premiere: Mito Festival, Torino, September 2011

Radio Noir
Author: Albert Ostermaier
Director: Rainar Ortmann
Featuring: Janina Sachau
Music: Michael Kamp/Julia Kent
Premiere: Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, May 2011

Dieci Anni Dopo il Paradiso
Author: Israel Horovitz
Director: Andrea Paciotto
Featuring: Francesco Bolo Rossini
Music: Julia Kent
Premiere: Rai Radio Tre, September 2011